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JustHave: Self Worth


Remember those big resolutions we had way back in January – the ones we all brushed aside by, say, Groundhog’s Day? Well, with the end of the year fast approaching, what better time is there to revive those Self Improvement goals and achieve the improved Self Worth we all still crave?

To me, Self Improvement is about focusing on being the best “you” that you can be – inside and out. There


Please Be Seated – Navigating The Wedding Reception Seating Minefield


As the countdown to my own wedding starts creeping toward the single digits – AHHH! – I totally understand why “Bridezillas” is such a successful TV franchise.

Sure, it’s been a blast to find my dress, party it up in Vegas for one of two (yes two!) bachelorettes, celebrate with our respective families, taste cake after cake after cake (and work out like crazy afterwards)…but one thing that’s really stressed me