Are you getting ready to host for the big game this weekend? I want to share with you my game day secret weapon to make entertaining a breeze.

It’s all about not having to sweat the prep! That’s why WHOLLY GUACAMOLE is my go-to; it has that ready-to-serve convenience without having to sacrifice taste. So when guests first arrive, I set it out for easy dipping on its own with some cut veggies and chips. Done and done!

But what I love is that I can use it again later in the day for more hearty recipes. You can use the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE Chunky Guacamole to make these Loaded Taco Tots. All you have to do is fill some individual footbowl taco cups (see what I did there?) with tots, your favorite toppings like chives, bacon, or cheese, and of course guac! WHOLLY GUACAMOLE is America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole brand made with hand-scooped Haas avocados so it delivers real, quality ingredients, good fats and fiber, and incredible taste-without all the fuss and hassle of avocados. Trust me, this is a super easy recipe that’s a huge crowd pleaser!

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