4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Summer Style

Summer gives you the great opportunity to reinvent yourself and your style. Enhancing your summer style doesn’t have to be challenging and you can even purchase simple statement pieces or research new looks from the comfort of your beach chair while sipping on iced cold lemonade.

Enhancing your summer style can consist of focusing on key pieces to add into your already existing wardrobe or revamping it completely — whatever you feel. Here are four simple ways to enhance your style this summer:

Trim your dead ends

Getting a fresh haircut is the perfect way to kick-off your summer look. Chop off some length to have a hairdo that will be low maintenance and help you stay cool during all your summer activities and trips.

Utilize websites like Pinterest to search for some haircut, hairstyle and hair color looks and trends that you may want to try out. Why not be as adventurous with your hair as you will be with your life this summer?

Remodel your wardrobe

Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to get rid of all your old, stained and ill-fitted clothes, shoes and purses. With that newfound space in your closet, it’s time to fill those gaps and replace them with an upgraded wardrobe. Between the tank tops, dresses, sandals, shorts, wedges, etc., shopping for summer clothes is the best season to shop for.

Take this time to reinvent your style and to purchase some key pieces you have been wanting to rock. A fun way to do that is to have a personal stylist pick out some fun pieces for you. Can’t afford your own personal stylist? Check out Stitch Fix, an online personal stylist that sends you a box of outfits they think you will enjoy. All you have to do is fill out some questions online about your style and body type and they ship you your next favorite outfit. How cool is that?

Pick out a new pair

Summer is the perfect time to swap out your old frames for a new pair. Whether you need new prescription eyeglasses, new sunglasses or both, be sure to shop for your new favorite frames. Online optical webstores, like Zenni Optical, make it easy and fun to shop for all your eyeglass needs.

Play around with the frame color, tint and style to enhance your summer look. If you’re used to having regular, brown, boring square frames, update your look with cat-eye frames or pops of color like bright blue. Sunglasses are definitely a must and you will want a pair that has great UV protection to protect your eyes from those harmful rays.

Invest in accessories

Accessories are as much fun to purchase as they are to wear. Summer allows you to showcase your sense of style with colorful, bold, unique and whimsical accessories. Pairing your brand new outfits with some stellar accessories, such as scarves, necklaces, ankle bracelets, and even flower crowns, will take your summer style from a nine to a ten.

If your budget is tight after shopping for a new wardrobe and you don’t have too much cash flow for accessories, see if you can borrow some from friends or go hunting for key pieces at garage sales. You are bound to find something unique and hopefully antique.

Let us know what are some of your favorite ways to enhance your summer style?

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