My husband and I were invited to a Halloween party – 90’s themed! – and since everything in my life seems to revolve around my pregnancy these days, I thought I’d research ways to maybe incorporate the bump into our costumes. Then i thought…this could be a fun blog!

Well, it turns out my bump isn’t really all that big – yet – so we probably won’t wind up using any of these ideas. But, they’re too fun not to share. So, without further adieu – my 5 favorite pregnancy Halloween costumes as gathered via the web:

#1. The Prego Jar – dressing yourself up as a jar of spaghetti sauce isn’t really all that exciting normally, but this one is a really fun idea — especially if you haven’t told everyone the news yet. Be sure to say “It’s in there!”

#2. The Expectant Celeb Cover – Whether you go for the originator (Demi for Vanity Fair) or the countless who have followed (including Serena’s recent stunner!), all you need is a whole lot of guts, a nude body  stocking and someone to hold the cover/frame. (I briefly considered the Demi cover for my 90’s costume but I don’t have the guts!!)

#3. The Milkman’s Kid – This is a couple costume where you dress as the 50’s housewife and he shows up as the friendly – very friendly – neighborhood milkman. Not only is this is a great opportunity for you to get all decked out in a bright vintage dress, full with apron, and some pinup curls – it’s also absolutely hilarious.

#4. Baby-cado. This one is just too cute. Please note: your baby is only the pit for this costume. I’m sure he or she isn’t actually “the pits”. That comes at about two years old, according to my mom.

#5. Bun in The Oven – This last adorable couples’ costume is cute, simple and comfy too — great for later in your pregnancy! You dress in whatever still fits and fashion an oven around yourself with a cleverly placed and decorated cardboard box (baby inside, of course). He dons a chef’s hat, apron and continually checks in on the baking process. It’s silly, cute and interactive!

Have you worn a pregnancy themed Halloween costume that you care to share? …Or are you in the midst of planning one now? Let me know via my social media portals (and post photos if you have them!):, @JustineSantaniello on Instagram and @JNSantaniello on Twitter.

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