5 Ways to Have Healthy Holidays & A Very Healthy New Year

It’s hard to believe it’s already “that time of year” again – but the stress, shopping, travel, entertaining, and sleep-deprivation are indeed upon us – and it’s time to decide that our health must take priority over all.

Easier said than done, I know.

But, is it really? I say no! I mean, I will say a resounding yes to my mom’s legendary cookies and maybe even overindulge in a bit too much holiday cheer – however, that doesn’t mean the next few weeks will see my health priorities going completely off the rails.

Here are the 5 things I am doing to try to ensure my health stays as intact as possible – and by extension my sanity – during this holiday season. I invite you to join me – and to add any additional health and wellness priorities of your own. The key is to make a commitment to yourself that is as strong as the commitments you’re making to your loved ones!

1. If you haven’t already, get your flu shot. This is especially important if you and yours will be doing any traveling; even if you aren’t traveling yourself, members of your family may be, and they’ll likely be exposed to both the cold and flu virus.

2. Exercise! It’s important to keep any exercise routines you have as a priority throughout the holidays. At the very least, try to work in some form of sustained heart-rate raising activity (30+ minutes) 4-5 times per week. Doing this helps to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your immunity.

3. Meditate before bed. You don’t have to be Siddhartha or to chant “om” to meditate – but you do have to: Put. The Smartphone. Down! Meditation means different things to different people – but what makes it the same for all of us is that it’s quiet, reflective, calming and uninterrupted “you” time. Make this practice known to everyone in your home – and, try to get your partner to indulge in it too. No matter what, make sure it’s always “lights out” afterwards. Trust me, this mental winding down will take your sleep to the next level.

4. Do some good for others. Whether it’s giving a selfless holiday surprise to a family member, donating time to a local food bank, volunteering at a local rescue mission or soup kitchen, visiting an elderly neighbor with a plate of fresh baked cookies, you know how much better it makes you feel when you make someone else feel better.

5. Make a commitment to a better night’s sleep. You know how ready to take on the world you feel after a perfect night’s sleep. So, if you find yourself tossing and turning even after meditating, exercising and working to support your health and reduce stress, it might be time to seek out a Sleep Innovations’, premium memory foam mattress, mattress topper, or pillow. Everybody deserves a sleep that feels tailor-made for them – and there is nothing better than high quality sleep to make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

Join Sleep Innovations and me as we help inspire more people to do their best and feel their best during the holidays. Share a photo of yourself doing any of my holiday health tips or share your own favorite trick, and Sleep Innovations will donate a $1 to the leading, national hunger non-profit if you use #SIHolidayBest.

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