Nature is a very sacred place. The great outdoors inspire people with the comforting colors, scents, textures and more. The next time you plan on renovating your home, let the outdoors inspire you. Here’s how to bring the outdoors, indoors into your home.

1. Earth Tone Paint Colors

When you’re outside in nature, you have a sense of comfort. Earth tones are what give you that comfortable, cozy feeling. If you’re remodeling your home, consider painting your walls earth tone colors Most earth tone colors consist of tans, greys, and other neutrals.

You could incorporate other outdoor colors such as greens, blues or even yellows. Those three colors are most connected to nature. Think of the grass and trees, the sky and the sun. By combining an earth tone color with a neutral you’re mimicking the outdoors for that feeling of comfort and serenity in your home.

2. Potted Plants

So you love the outdoors, but that doesn’t automatically mean you have a green thumb. A great way to incorporate outdoor inspiration in your home is by having potted plants in every room. You can find easy to care for house plants, to have some living outdoors in each room.

House plants bring more benefits than just live décor. Plants can clean the air in your home. As you breathe out carbon dioxide, the plants intake that and let out oxygen so you can breathe it in. Plants are great for cleansing the air in your home.

3. Log Furniture

You don’t have to have a log cabin to have natural, exposed wood in your home. If you want to bring actual pieces of nature into your home, you’ll love the look of log furniture made from real wood. The elegant design of nature combined with furniture will give you glimpse of the outdoors each time you use your furniture.

The nice thing about furniture made from wood is it’s easy to decorate. Wood matches well with any color, so you will have no problem decorating your home.

4. Install a Rain Shower

If you’re planning a makeover, you might as well give yourself everything you want, and you definitely want a rain shower for your bathroom. Rain showers are installed in the ceiling instead of the wall, so looks like actual rain from an outdoor storm. You’ll have a luxurious, soothing shower every single day.

To take the outdoors one step further, instead of using ceramic tiles, use real stone in your shower. It will give your bathroom a natural look for an outdoorsy feel.

5. Collect Elements of Nature

Wherever you travel, if you haven’t yet, start collecting elements of nature. Take a little jar of sand home with you from your beach trip. Collect sea shells and drift wood. If you’re on a hike, pick up some pine cones and pebbles that stick out to you.

Elements like rocks, shells, and drift wood are elements of nature that make for amazing décor in your home. Put them on shelves, or craft them into a shadow box. Your décor will have more meaning to you because you collected it from special places you’ve been in the great outdoors.

6. Sheer Curtains

Let the outdoors come inside literally, by opening the windows for more natural lighting. Natural lighting creates the ambiance of sunlight in your home. Brighter rooms from natural sunlight look better than dark and stuffy rooms in your home. If you don’t have enough windows in your home, then use sheer curtains on the ones you do have.

You can find great sheer curtains for your home to give you nice added texture in your home. Sheer curtains allow light to come in, but will still give you the ability to close them at night.

Before you make plans to give your home a makeover, allow yourself to be inspired. The outdoor inspiration will give your home just the touch of comfort it needs.

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