7 Ways to Defeat Stress in Your Life

Stress is an unavoidable monster that we all have to battle from time to time. No matter who you are and what your circumstance may be, everybody can relate to the struggle of getting past what is stressing them. From financial woes and health scares to career insecurities and family matters, all that is desired is relief from the problem and here are some ways to overcome the conflict.

1. Take one step at a time

Often times stress builds because we take on too much at one time. From making extensive to-do lists to attempting to be masters of multitasking we ultimately burn ourselves out and end up with a feeling of drowning in a sea of tasks. I am here to tell you to stop that immediately! You’re killing your psyche when you do that. Simply work on one issue at a time and take pride in accomplishing that before you rush off with something else, in the long run you will be glad you did.

2. Disconnect from the problem

The ability to disconnect from what is causing you tension is a tough skill to obtain, however a vital one. Begin to pay attention to the parts of your life that make you happy such as diving into a hobby, cooking your favorite meal, losing yourself in a good book, etc. Life is short and the problem that has you bugged doesn’t deserve your joy, so don’t let it have it.

3. Procrastination is not your friend

There is disconnecting for a while just to smell the roses and then there is utterly ignoring time sensitive obstacles that need to be addressed; don’t ignore these obstacles. Certain situations such as work deadlines, bills, and life changing opportunities are needed to be faced head-to-head as soon as possible to conquer the monster that is stress. Quite often much of our strained conflicts come from us pushing things off until the last minute and would begin to disappear if we handled the issue sooner than later.

4. Vent About It

Have you ever needed to just yell? Have you ever needed to literally cry on someone’s shoulder? If so, you’re not alone. Circumstances may occur that deal with disagreements with loved ones or perhaps even the most recent presidential election may have you feeling a certain way and you have all these sentiments bottled up. Find a person or group of people you trust and express yourself in the most honest way you can because that release will begin to eliminate the built up emotions you have stored.

5. Find Spiritual Solace

No matter if its prayer, meditation, aligning your chakras, deep breathing exercises, etc.; find and create that spiritual like space that makes you feel at peace to eliminate unwanted worry and anxiety. Turning to a realm like state that takes yourself out of a natural mindset can be healing not just for your mental, but also for your physical and emotional well being. If you need a place to start, search Pinterest for relaxation methods to discover a personal serenity.

6. Don’t give into the stress

Most of us are creatures of obsession. We obsess over our jobs, families, and even our favorite television shows, so it’s natural to feed into the drama in your life. Giving into it can lead to depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and even worse things. Forcing yourself to look at the brighter side and counting your blessings can act as a safety net from the pit of despair.

7. Focus on what you can change

Should’ve, would’ve, and could’ves only leaves us sad, angry, and unable to move on. Certain outcomes don’t have a redo button and you just have to brush off the disappointment and the pain for the chance to look toward the future. Getting stressed over things that are outside of your control can make you feel small and hopeless, so work on what you can and learn to accept and move on from what you can’t.

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