By Tracy Vega

You might call it your handbag, pocketbook or perhaps your purse. Whatever you call it, it’s likely where you keep your wallet, debit card, cell phone, driver’s license, car/house keys and many other of your very personal items. Talk about the weight of the world on your shoulders! Let’s talk about some safety tips for that all important accessory you carry with you everywhere!

1) ALWAYS zip, snap or button your purse! Don’t leave it hanging open so everyone can see what’s inside. It leaves you vulnerable to a pick pocket.

2) NEVER leave your purse unattended! If you can’t see it, then you can’t see the person who might be rummaging through it or trying to steal it.

3) At the grocery store: Secure your purse with the baby strap, or place it at the bottom of the cart placing groceries over and around it. If you aren’t comfortable leaving it in the cart, keep it on your shoulder.

4) When loading your car open the passenger door, place your purse on the floor take the keys and lock the door before you continue.

5) Staying at a hotel? Use the safe if they have one or take it with you.

6) If you like to keep your purse on the seat next to you in the car, then hook it through the seatbelt. It creates an extra step for someone trying to reach in the window and steal it and it will keep it secure if you need to stop in a hurry.

7) Avoid hanging your purse on the back of the restroom stall doors. It’s too easy for someone to reach over and snatch it while your “occupied”.

8) Minimize what you carry in your purse. Don’t carry your birth certificate, you marriage license, grandma’s favorite cookie recipe and so on!


The eight tips above were all good prevention habits when it comes to purse safety. The last tip is the most important! If you find yourself the victim of a purse snatching LET IT GO!!! You heard me, nothing in there is worth your life. Women have been beaten, dragged behind cars, and killed for their purse. Your instincts will be to fight because you don’t want to be a victim, but I am still going to tell you to LET IT GO!

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