Minimalist style is not easy to pull off. Those who decide to go minimal can spend months – perhaps even years – building their new wardrobe, which entails a careful selection of the suitable color palette, cut and fabric.

Minimalists tend to be quite choosy when it comes to the quality of garments they incorporate into their lives. So, if you thought minimal is the same as casual, you would be terribly in the wrong. When one actually achieves this look, they go on to have a life fashionably perceived as sleek, polished, oozing confidence and determination.

However, no matter how minimalistic one’s style is, and regardless of all the black, white, camel and grey one owns, there comes a time when a splash of color becomes an absolute necessity in order for the look to exude a bit more life and panache. Hopefully, all the minimal-loving ladies out there will take out their pencils and notebooks and take note of the tricks of the trade about to be handed to them.

Scarves are not only for flight attendants

Enter any women’s clothing store and you will not be able to escape the presence of a great variety of scarves ranging from silk to cotton, in hues from burgundy, royal blue, burnt orange, light pink to gray. The patterns are endless – from geometric and star-filled to boho and floral.

Now, your task is to just pick a color (or several) and a print that would go well with the rest of your wardrobe, tie a beautiful knot around your neck and turn it a bit to the left (or right, whichever you prefer). This will guarantee you that sophisticated, but not at all boring look.

Great bags will save the world

In all honesty, there is nothing that has a greater power of tying an entire outfit together and breathing new life into it like a good bag. Whether it be a clutch, a tote, a cross-body or a satchel, when in the right colour or print, it can most certainly save the day.

In order to leave your comfort zone and step out into the world while still staying true to your minimalist self, a conspicuous tote in orange, burgundy or even bright yellow will be that pop of colour that is bound to turn heads. If you are ready to take things even further, opt for a geometric print clutch, or even something from the boho family. In case you are feeling really brave, go to your favorite women’s clothing store, head to the accessories department and grab that indigo clutch.

The point is, when your style is minimal and polished, there is no print or color of a bag that can ruin your look. The only thing you stand to gain is more boldness and a touch of flamboyance.

With the right shoes, we can conquer the world

Now, remember everything you just read about bags and apply it to shoe-shopping. Yes, shoes can and should be bold, and they were not meant to be only black and brown. This season was dominated by embroidered ankle boots, and if Vogue is to be trusted (and it is), this year’s shoes will be print, flower and colour-filled. Also, pay attention to the material, as some of them – like suede – are simply timeless.

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The last piece of advice that we can offer to those little minimalists still struggling to decide which colour to let into their lives – you can always listen to Pantone. See which hues reflect your personality the best, and embrace them accordingly.

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