Are you dreaming of sweets right now? Here at JustHaves, we are drooling at the thought of Pots & Co’s handmade decadent desserts. The company makes ready-made desserts that are quick and easy for all your entertaining needs this summer, or perfect for a delicious after dinner delight. The London-based company currently has three flavors to choose from: Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot de Créme, and Lemon Cheesecake. Trust us, these treats are not your average store-bought cakes.

Founder of Pots & Co, and U.K. chef, Julian Dyer, says that his company’s mission is to “challenge the status quo of lackluster grocery store food options”.. Their products are developed by Michelin star chefs and are baked in small ceramic pots. They choose to bake in these pots to ensure that everything is baked evenly and results in deep, rich flavors. Plus, they’re reusable and simply too cute to resist!

If the sound of these sweet treats weren’t enough already, Dyer has made it a point to only use clean ingredients in his creations. Us food lovers here at JustHaves adore the sound of that! If ingredients like Colombian ‘fino de aroma’ cocoa in the lava cake, Cornish sea salt in the pot de créme, or fresh lemon juice in the cheesecake don’t make your mouth water then we don’t know what will.

To see where you can find a Pots & Co dessert near you go to Enjoy!

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