When you think of “Autumn In New York”, do you think of falling leaves in Central Park or maybe the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink (yes, it’s open – already!)? Or…do you think of that depressingly romantic Richard Gere and Wynonna Ryder movie? Yes to all? Me too!

While there are a million and one places that can make any autumn day a perfect autumn day here in my home city, I’ve hand-picked 5 you might never have heard of – but should absolutely check out on your next visit!

For Fall Foliage:  

Prospect Park – Brooklyn – This park at the top of the Park Slope neighborhood is one of the best and most oft-overlooked in the city, much less the country. A sort of miniature Central Park but far from actually small at all – there are tons of sugar and red maples turning orange and red right now! Deep inside the park you’ll find the Ravine, which is a dense stand of trees, which will practically transport you to a romantic drive along route 1 in Vermont. 

Fort Tryon Park – Manhattan – This is the highest point in the city, and a great place to be enveloped by the colors of fall and to gaze out across the Hudson to the gorgeous cliffs making of the Hudson River Palisades in New Jersey.

For Fall Stars:

Stargazing on the High Line – Manhattan – If you were planning a visit to the famous High Line this fall, make it on a Tuesday night through the end of October. There, you’ll be able to avail yourself of telescopes provided by the Amateur Astronomers Association until 11pm – without reservations! The entrance for this ongoing event is at 14th and the High Line. Oh, and it’s free!

For Fall Fantasms & Fun:

The Village Halloween Parade – 6th Ave and Spring Street, Manhattan – If you like Halloween and have never experienced the NYC Village Halloween Parade, you need to rectify this immediately. Beginning in Greenwich Village, this yearly parade and utter-pageant of creativity and fun marches all the way up the Avenue of the Americas, ending at 16th Street. I have a lot of friends who bring their kids, but, be prepared for an “anything goes” event, with costumes that may prompt…questions. Even so, this is an amazing event well worth your time – plus, it’s free!

Ghost Tours – Island of Lost Souls – Roosevelt Island – Have you heard of Roosevelt Island? No? Maybe you’ve seen the gondola running between it and Manhattan in a tiny little blockbuster called Spider Man? Well, if you take this top-rated ghost tour, not only will you be able to ride that tram and see some breathtaking views of the city and its many East River bridges, you’ll learn the haunting past of this now residential little island – which was once home to the city’s tortured convicts and mentally deranged. I promise you, it’s not just a spotlight on society’s ills, it’s actually quite a lot of fun! Good exercise too (you do have to make room for a Serendipity hot chocolate later, after all)!

Have you visited my fair city in the fall? What is your favorite spot or activity to see or do while you’re here? And, what about your home city? Do tell via my social media portals or in the comments below!




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