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On a personal level, I love Asian fashion simply because of how different the design aesthetics can be from American fashion. Don’t get me wrong, of course I love American designers but there’s just something so intriguing and different about the Asian designs. What’s even more interesting is when American and Asian designers collaborate to create something simply amazing. That’s the case with the brand Babyghost. Qiaoran Huang and Josh Hupper (both Diane von Furstenberg interns and designers at well known fashion brand Thakoon) have come together to create Babyghost. The brand was formed in 2010 and consists of streetwear that brings edgy and feminine together in perfect harmony.

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These designs aren’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to boldness. From striking prints to cute character graphics, there’s something for everyone at Babyghost. The spring pieces consist of dresses, jerseys, button down shirts, bomber jackets, maxi and midi skirts, crop tops, joggers, and other options! Their print mixing is top notch, and for those who want to mix prints but don’t know where to start or are a little afraid, take note from Babyghost!

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This brand definitely has something going for them. They’ve been around for five years and are still going strong! If you’re looking for a brand that is a little different than what you’re used to, Babyghost is the way to go! You can visit them online at!

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