How to Build the Best You

Tonight for our #JustHaves Chat,  we’re going to be talking with Brett Pucino @Bpucino, who will be sharing his thoughts about personal development on “How to Build the Best You”.

Brett Pucino got his start in the writing world at 19 as a ghostwriter, where he spent over 5 years ghostwriting over 500 articles for clients on 3 different continents. In 2015, he decided to build a personal brand around his writing and began guest-blogging for a few blogs in the millennial space. Through a chance encounter in November of 2015, Brett met Career Coach and Author Jay R.Lang, a man who would become his mentor, at the local Barnes & Noble, and his purpose as a career officially found.

Here are a few of #JustHaves talking points for tonight:

  • Strategies for setting goals
  • How to keep a positive mind in a negative world
  • Importance of support network in  personal development
  • How social media can help you with your personal development goals

Join the live “How to Build the Best You”  Twitter Chat with @Bpucino– under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm.

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