Business and Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

This week’s #JustHaves Twitter Chat is all about leveraging your knowledge and tools in business. We’re talking to Isha Edwards @EPiC_Isha on “Business and Marketing Strategy vs Tactics for Entrepreneurs.”

Here are a few of our #JustHaves talking points:

• Name a trend in business or marketing and communications that entrepreneurs should be aware of.
• Why is it essential for entrepreneurs to distinguish between business strategy, tactics and tools?
• Is there a difference between a business plan and a business strategy?
• What tools should entrepreneurs use to implement a business strategy?

A little more about Isha:

Isha Edwards is a brand-marketing consultant and the owner of EPiC Measures, LLC where she makes a C.A.S.E. (credibility, awareness, sales and engagement) for individuals and organizations that major on being distinctly different.
Marketing and communications expertise, coupled with business management acumen, enables Isha to measure twice and cut once to align marketing tactics with marketing strategy and to build brand value.

Be sure to join us for the live “Business and Marketing Strategy vs Tactics for Entrepreneurs” Twitter Chat – under the hashtag #JustHaves on September 16 at 8 pm EST! Hope to see you then!

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