choosing and training the best dog for youTonight on #JustHaves Chat we are talking with Steve Diller @DillerDogs about “Choosing and Training the Best Dog For You.”

Steve Diller has been working with animals since early 1973. Steve’s first professional position was working along side many top board certified and general practice veterinarians in Westchester County at County Animal Clinic in Yonkers, NY. Steve became a licensed veterinary technician in September 1983 and soon afterward began teaching at Mercy College in the veterinary technology department teaching courses in clinical laboratory technique, surgical nursing, and applied animal behavior. Steve is the author of “Dogs And Their People, Choosing and Training The Best Dog For You“.

Some of tonight’s talking points:

  • What are the most trainable & most difficult dog breeds to train?
  • Does it matter when you start the socialization period with your puppy?
  • How to avoid separation anxiety.

Join us for the live “Choosing and Training the Best Dog For You” Twitter Chat with @DillerDogs – under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm EST.

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