Downsizing a home can make you feel more at home and even upgrade your life. The concept of living large doesn’t have to come with massive square feet. More people are scaling down to live their life to the fullest, choosing experiences over expensive.

Perhaps your house is too big for you, and you don’t need all that space. The house may not feel like a right fit anymore. Other life circumstances, such as a job offer, may force you to give up your old home for a new one. So, why not downsize your space to save money, resources and energy to refocus on other areas of life that you long to live more fully:

1. You Focus on What’s Necessary

When downsizing, you will take a second look at all of the items you’ve collected over the years. What are these items, and why are you hanging on to them?

You’ll start cleaning out and organizing the garage, resolving to make better use of wall and ceiling storage. Waste items will need to be disposed of properly: Old cleaning supplies and outdated paint can’t be poured into the sink. You’ll need to follow the instructions on the label and those set by your municipal government for hazardous waste collection.

Multiple items of furniture, appliances, electronics and clothes take up space, instead of serving a real purpose. When you reduce the items in your home, you begin to focus on what’s necessary. This creates a ripple effect into other areas of life, paring back on areas of life that draw away your energy, letting you refocus it on what is necessary.

2. You Create a Functional and Fun Lifestyle

It’ll also be a thousand times easier to organize and find the items you do need. When filling your home with new items, only choose a few key pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions or help save space.

Functional doesn’t have to leave out the fun. A fold out desk creates a nook to write letters and work on your laptop, if you’ve the convenience of working from home to be with family. Cover a wall with chalkboard paint to write down chores, goals or creative ideas. DIY palette furniture is trending, and making your own furniture reduces your carbon footprint. Your smaller home can reflect the personality of your family in a way the larger one didn’t.

3. You Save Energy

One major downside of residing in a larger home is the cost of energy, which is expensive to run. Water, heating and cooling are consistent energy and budget suckers. Windows and pipes leak air and water, and one problem usually leads to another. In a bigger house, this is hard to stay on top of and maintain.

A major benefit of choosing smaller living and square footage is the reduction of energy bills, especially with energy efficient appliances. Energy providers will be able to advise you on your past energy usage and help you estimate energy savings with switching up your space.

4. You Free Up Time

Without a big home to maintain and spend your money on, you’ll be able to spend your time with family and friends. You’ll rediscover the value of alone time, and be available to focus on your life goals. Traveling will be possible again, and you’ll feel less guilty about picking up and going, because you’ll know that this life is short. You’ll feel empowered and free by spending your time and money on what really matters to you.

5. You Start a New Chapter

The change of downsizing a home often signals a new chapter beginning. Empty-nesters let their hatchlings out into the world. A beloved family member’s passing herald’s new memories to be made with later generations. Maybe you’re opting to build your own tiny home for a more enriching and eco-friendly lifestyle with your family.

The end is also a beginning, leading to empowerment in your choice of a smaller space to feel more connected to family, yourself and life goals. Your new home reflects this new narrative, and you’re in charge of how you author it. Embrace the new chapter and the promise of a fresh slate.

You’ll quickly find that downsizing a home doesn’t mean scaling back your quality of life. You’re only enriching your life by reducing what isn’t necessary and refocusing your attention on what brings growth, joy and a sense of freedom to how your life is lived.

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