By KeKe Robinson

Have you ever felt a tremendous tinge of guilt for saying “No”? Do you continuously beat yourself up because you are afraid of disappointing others? Does your “yes” come with contingencies? Are you seeking approval or wanting to ensure that you are liked by others? What you must remember is that when you are doing so much for everyone else, while not taking care of yourself that is considered as self-sabotage. In an effort to maintain a healthy balance in your life, you have to create boundaries.

Typically, the word, “No” is associated with negativity, rejection, denial, rudeness, being inconsiderate, or insensitive. But depending upon the circumstances, the word, “No”, can be very empowering and liberating. It gives you the privilege to be selective about the important opportunities that deserve your “yes”.

By the same token, likewise, being told “No” can also be liberating. It authorizes you to refocus and put your energy toward a new direction. It frees you from false expectations and inhibitions. You can literally stimulate your growth, when you release negativity. If you repetitively hear a “yes” response all the time, you will never be challenged. When you face and overcome obstacles, you are stretched in ways that you wouldn’t believe possible. “No” can also set you on a path to truly discover what you are made of. Are you persistent, driven, ambitious, or motivated enough to pursue your dreams? You are nurturing a persona that fosters self-respect. Your fortitude is a mirror that models how people should treat you. Hearing “No” does not have to be the end of your story. It does not give you permission to give up nor does saying “No” make you a bad person. In many instances, it can awaken and rejuvenate a wonderful, new beginning for you.


10 Positive Benefits for Utilizing and Embracing the Word “No”:

  1. It helps you to alleviate unnecessary stress in your life.
  2. It releases you from fear.
  3. You will possess ownership over your choices.
  4. It creates or reestablishes your confidence and gives you a renewed sense of self-worth.
  5. It frees you to prioritize and value what is important to you.
  6. It will promote your ability to be decisive and effective.
  7. The word, “No”, can promote your growth and creativity as an individual.
  8. It can encourage you to re-evaluate and re-assess situations and make pertinent changes.
  9. It can motivate you to negate from the notions of regret.
  10. It does not hold you hostage to commitments that you wish you had never agreed to in the first place. Time is valuable and it can help to clear your schedule.

Tell us, will you embrace the power of “no”?!

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