The wonders of the digital age and social media platforms have let us take a peek into the lives of your ordinary people who have made an impact on the world of fashion. Their influential voices are sometimes equally powerful as those of supermodels and world-renowned designers, as they set the tone for ready-to-wear look of modern fashionistas everywhere.


Let’s take a look at how these ladies shape the shopping trends and trendy looks, and how they inspire women everywhere to introduce daring varieties, unconventional styles and experiment with their wardrobe on a daily basis to achieve the look of effortless sophistication, casual minimalism or superb elegance.

Ripped Jeans


With street style stealing away all the attention this year, creating a rebellious look with the help of this one item can provide you with the freedom of endless combinations. By mixing and matching torn, worn-out looking jeans with a simple t-shirt and a pair of comfortable, but fancy shoes, combined with a colorful designer bag, you’re well on your way to become an Instagram model yourself!

Celebrities love them, supermodels swear by them, and Aimee Song with Song of Style has been rocking them for a while now.

A Leather Jacket


Take a look at Aleali May wearing a truly stunning leather moto jacket that epitomizes the whole idea of modern streetwear! Many fashion bloggers today opt for either a classic, black or skin-colored leather jacket to complete their street look, which is a perfect choice for crispy spring evenings.

But if you really want to be bold with your choices, colors can add to your authentic look, so make sure to find an asymmetric pattern that will reflect the latest fashion tendencies.

A Floral Dress


No spring can be complete without a touch of bohemian spirit. Simplicity can allow for a single clothing item to bring out your best qualities and at the same time to require no particular boost from added accessories. Grasie Mercedes from Style Me Grasie wears a gorgeous floral dress with a pair of snazzy white boots, ideal for your afternoon coffee, and equally suitable for a date.

Boho look will dominate spring fashion in many shapes and forms, but if we were to pick a single item that should take the lead, it would have to be a flowy dress with endless combination options.

A Mini(malistic) Friday Night Dress


Zanita Whittington has confirmed another trend on the rise for this spring: minimalism. Proving that less can sometimes truly be more, mini party dresses are an absolute must-have for your spring collection, so make sure to pick a piece that will flatter your curves and effortlessly follow your body contours. Be on the lookout for glam, electric colors such as glitzy gold and solid silver.

Minimalism allows for a single dress to speak volumes, especially when combined with equally simple makeup and essential accessories such as a letter purse and a rebellious statement choker.

A Bold Pair of Heels


Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three has shown us the value of wearing your most daring pair of shoes. To make the most out of this spring’s sportswear craze, follow in the footsteps of supermodels that have combined high heels with a simple grey hoodie and a seemingly ordinary striped tracksuit.

With a plethora of available collections that offer platforms and heels in many shapes and colors, you are bound to find a pair that will allow you to express your authenticity and create bold combinations for evening events as well as everyday business meetings.

The greatest emphasis this spring will be on unconventional, unique combinations, as presented by designers in their latest collections, as well as models proudly wearing clothing items to reflect their own preferences and still stay comfortable. And of course, we can always rely on the influential voices of blogging fashionistas that are eager to pass on their knowledge and share their look with the world.

Learn from the best and create your own palette of clothing items to match your persona and always stay informed on the latest trends. Who knows what fresh invention will inspire the next fashion revolution!

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