Haute couture designers and their wardrobe concoctions might have you believe that clothes are the focal point of a stunning outfit. And while they do have a point to a certain extent, the world of fashion has gone through a revolution, where the influencing power has shifted into the arms of contemporary fashionistas who dare envision a more versatile world of beauty and experiment with their looks involving various accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the most daring combinations you can try out to create an authentic look by thinking beyond your best bib and tucker.

Elegance with statement earrings


The era of understated, low-key sophistication is long gone, and the maximized size, colour, shape and texture of every bauble have taken over the spotlight. While you are still encouraged to start with a soft-coloured palette such as beige or pearl white combined with a single accent hue, this season will be all about that one element to make your outfit pop!

A perfect example is wearing a sharp suit with high heels and mixed with almost surreally large and bold earrings that perfectly reflect your rebellious spirit and vivid persona. Oversized, irregular, neon, electric and loud – that’s the charisma of your final look achieved with nothing more than a pair of statement earrings.

Sports craze and futuristic eyewear


The same, if not an even greater amount of inspiration has been used to create the latest collections of superb eyewear that has an echo of the ‘80s glamorous audacity presented through the modern lens (pun intended). These shades do not lack colour or shape versatility, as they come in all sizes and still manage to be the centre of your look.

Look at Gigi Hadid as she proudly wears a pair of orange shades with an equally prominent hoodie. All it takes is the right attitude to pull off such a funky look and you’ll have endless options to play with – mix and match your oldest pair of ripped jeans with vibrantly coloured futuristic eyewear, and you’ll quickly have the originality of a supermodel to turn some heads on the street.

Classics with a twist


In addition to superb clothing items and accessories that allow pure self-expression, this season is all about comfort and practicality. This can be especially seen in the growing trend of bags that are oversized, chunky, durable, but practical.

You should have a bag that you can combine with both your daily shorts and tee combo, and the nightclub outfit such as a glamorous mini dress. Learn to match your Italian leather designer handbags with any rugged, boho, or casual combo, and you’ll always have an effortless outfit ready within minutes.

Wrap it up


Yet another perfect proof that devil is in the detail is this season’s craze for versatile belts that are no longer merely practical or a subdued accessory. They are loud, they scream, roar and dominate with everything from the materials used to the chunky buckles, no buckles at all, knots, bolts, tassels, glitter and anything else that comes to mind!

Much like your jewellery kit, you should aim for creating a collection of belts for any occasion, but ditch the bland and the plain, and replace them with the rugged and the raw. The combinations are endless – you can mix them with your urban sportswear, your evening gown, as well as your daily business outfit, and give your look a touch of imagination worthy of the runways of the world’s beloved fashion shows.

The most eclectic designers, models and influencers advise you to focus on the underestimated power of a well-chosen accessory, so dive into it and create a significant style.

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