Finding Your Passion and Purpose

“Our purpose is the reason we journey and our passion is the fire that lights our way”

Come join us TONIGHT as we talk with Saba Tekle about “Finding Your Purpose & Passion” on the #JustHaves Twitter Chat

Saba Tekle is a Publisher, Mentor, and founder of 7 Publishing. As the founder of 7 Publishing, Saba has worked with over 100 authors nationwide and internationally. Saba is also the creator, co-author, and publisher of the best-selling book series “20 Beautiful Women” which inspired the #20beautifulwomen challenge!

Here are a few of tonight’s #JustHaves talking points:

  • What is “20 Beautiful Women”?
  • How was “20 Beautiful Women” created as a concept?
  • What is the definition of beauty?
  • Why does being a beautiful person matter?

Join us for the live “Finding Your Purpose & Passion” Twitter Chat with @sabatekle – under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm EST!

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