If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed bae, baby and my trip to Positano, Italy last month (@justinesantaniello). It was a beautiful, carb-filled and mostly relaxing trip to the land of my ancestors!

Now that I’ve traveled while expecting, I now know that I’m not one of the lucky few who can manage a first trimester getaway without a little bit of agita…so, what have I learned?

What I’d Do Differently:

  • I’d have brought compression socks and elevated more often. Holy cankles, you guys! I swelled on/after the flight, after a stroll around a piazza and, it seemed like, any time I even so much as looked at my ankles funny.
  • I’d have left some clothes at home (unless they were made with spandex). It’s amazing just how quickly your body makes room for baby – and for food. The pregnant body is a magnificent scientific marvel for its uncanny ability to expand on demand. I swear there were outfits that fit before I left that felt like medieval torture devices after a plate (or two) of pasta.
  • I’d have called it a night earlier than usual – Sucking it up while everyone else is drinking the night away is not my idea of fun! I should have been in bed with room service and a tablet full of binge-worthy reality tv.
  • I’d have considered the weather more closely – Italy is hot in August – duh! Not comfy at any size, but especially stifling when you’re expecting!
  • I’d have planned a trip with less physical demands – This trip featured a LOT of walking. My body is fatigued sitting still, so all of the activity was a big ask!

Now don’t get me wrong – this was an amazing trip and I know how fortunate enough I was to take it at ALL. Positano is an absolutely stunning place and the carbs?! Oh wow – was it ever amazing to be in a place that is literally made for carb overload! I also found ample time to relax and catch up on all of the baby books I’d been meaning to read, which was wonderful.

Still, knowing what I know now, would I do this trip again while pregnant? I’m not too sure. I definitely wouldn’t put myself through the gauntlet of climbing up and down the many steps and hills that are famous along the Amalfi coast! And, I certainly wouldn’t attempt such long-distance travel when I was any further along.

Have any of you traveled in your first trimester – or even later? Would you do it again – and is there any wisdom you’d like to share with the other expectant mommies among us? Tell me at Facebook.com/SantanielloJustine, @JustineSantaniello on Instagram and @JNSantaniello on Twitter.

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