It is so important to give back this holiday season, more than any other before. If there has been one really positive thing about this year, it’s bringing that sense of community and charity to the forefront. If you’re wondering how you can give back, it’s easier than you think by simply incorporating gifts that give back into your holiday plans.

Giving Good Cards are gift cards with a purpose. They allow you to give a great gift, a gift card – which is always the most sought-after gift – and for every gift card purchased, 3% of the cards value will be donated back to the charitable partner shown on the card like Make-A-Wish, Feeding America, Wounded Warrior Project and more! These gift cards are also meaningful as you can choose a card that gives back to a charity that may be close to someone’s heart. Plus they’re easy! There are up to seven different ways to redeem the cards at various stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. Plus they are easy to get! Giving Good Gift Cards are available at, your local supermarket and big box retailers nationwide.

I really believe a little bit goes a long way, especially this year. There are plenty of small things you can do to give back like increasing your tip amounts this season. Whether it’s in a restaurant, through delivery services, to your local services workers, etc. Even if it’s a small amount for you, it could really be something big for someone else!

I also always recommend keeping some small gifts on hand at home for the people you might not be thinking about while you’re out shopping. Think of those like your mail carrier, sanitation workers, your child’s teacher and babysitters to name a few. It’s a little something to let these amazing people know you’re thinking of them and thanking them for always going the extra mile.

Another easy way to give back is to sit with your child and go through some of their toys and have them pick out a few they might be ready to donate to a child in need. You can even bring them with you to a toy store and let them pick out a few small new gifts to donate. The sooner we as parents can instill the idea of giving, the better our children will be. Plus you’re setting a tone for years to come.

Happy holidays and happy giving!

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