Go-Getter Guides Think Rich

Are you looking for that push to propel your income into six figures and beyond?  Tonight on our #JustHaves Chat,  we’re going to be talking with Shinjini Das @SpeakerShinjini, who will be sharing her thoughts on “Go-Getter Girls Think Rich.”

Shinjini Das is a UN Global Hero, Huffingtonpost Contributor, Keynote Speaker, Media Personality and Engineer.

Here are a few of #JustHaves talking points for tonight:

  • How does a go-getter girl begin to think rich
  • What are the first three steps to be practiced in order to develop a high net-worth mindset
  • What is the number one quality responsible for fostering a high net-worth mindset
  • Do you believe that you deserve to be wealthy, self-fulfilled, financially free, and world-changing women

Join the live “Go-Getter Girl Think Rich”  Twitter Chat with @SpeakerShinjini– under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm

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