Time is flying by so I wanted to tell you guys about some amazing tech that is bound to make your life a little bit easier this holiday season.

Starting with Shipt. Shipt is a same-day delivery service that will help you shop for EVERYTHING you need from over a hundred retailers. Whether it’s last minute ingredients for that perfect meal, gifts for everyone, even household items for overnight guests, Shipt’s trusted personal shoppers have your back! Check out shipt.com/gift to save 50% on delivery through December 27th.

Now to continue with making life easier, I want you to check out this smart lighting solution called WiZ Connected. WiZ allows you to create just the right ambiance this season by letting you choose between colored, warm and cool white light. You can set schedules from your smartphone, or use your voice, and have remote access even when you’re away. The best part? You don’t need ANY additional hardware and you can connect to your Wi-Fi without worrying about slowing it down.

If you’ve got a gamer, new or seasoned, on your list this year, it doesn’t get better than this! EVOO Gaming just launched a new and incredibly priced line of laptops on Amazon. The laptops are Intel and AMD powered and feature THX Spatial Audio technology and Tuned by THX for a truly immersive experience that will bring game sounds and colors to life. Head to amazon.com, search EVOO Gaming and check out their special holiday pricing. 

And now that you’ve gotten the perfect gaming laptop, I’ve got the perfect video game to go with it! FUSER is a new nonstop, virtual music festival game where you get to be on stage and control the music. You get to customize your perfect DJ persona, create mixes from over 100 songs from artists like Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Billy Eilish and so many more! You can share your creations with other players on social media and what’s better than hosting your own music festival right from home?

Happy shopping!

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