This week’s #JustHaves Twitter Chat is all about how to create the right online presence through social media. We’re talking to Stephanie Carls @StephEliseCarls on “How to Build Your Personal Brand.”

Here are a few of our #JustHaves talking points:

• How important is it for your online brand to match your offline brand?
• What 3 tips would improve functionality of your website?
• What can professionals do digitally and socially to develop an authentic and professional personal brand?
• Can you build a successful brand without investing a lot of money?

A little more about Stephanie:

Named a “Twitter Powerhouse” by The Huffington Post, Stephanie Carls shares her passion for social media and technology online and focuses on the ways both are changing the way we live and share information. Through engaging video content, she enjoys showing how to make sense of technology so you can tap and swipe your way to a simpler and more savvy life. As a digital lifestyle enthusiast, Stephanie shares her favorite products, helps navigate new apps, and offers tech tips.

Be sure to join us for the live “How to Build Your Personal Brand” Twitter Chat – under the hashtag #JustHaves on August 12 at 8 pm EST! Hope to see you then!

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