How to Create a Dynamic Workplace Culture

How is the environment in your workplace? Could you use help navigating your way around your company’s work culture?

Tonight’s #JustHaves Twitter Chat is going to help us identify and approach some common issues many face in the workplace. We’re talking about “How to Create a Dynamic Workplace Culture” with @KristiDaniels.

Kristi Daniels is a visionary coach and business strategist teaching leaders and their teams to think different, transform the conversation about what is possible and bring human dignity back to their organizations. Her experience includes 20+ years counseling organizations on transformational change and bringing the best out in their people.

Here are a few of #JustHaves talking points for tonight:

  • What it means to create a great work culture.
  • How to ignite change.
  • Handling workplace bullying and toxic environments.
  • Effective methods of communication.
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your career.

Please join the live “How to Create a Dynamic Workplace Culture” Twitter Chat with @KristiDaniels – under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm EST! Look forward to chatting with you!

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