By Justine Santaniello

This week’s #JustHaves Twitter Chat is all about how to lose those extra pounds and inches without unhealthy dieting! We’re talking to Cynthia Sass, @CynthiaSass on “How to Slim Down Without Dieting.”

Here are a few of our #JustHaves talking points:

  • Is it really possible to slim down without “dieting?”
  • What are some common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight?
  • Is it OK to focus on what to eat, rather than what not to eat?
  • What are some easy ways to make healthy foods taste great?
  • What are the top no-diet slim down tips?

 A little more about Cynthia:

Cynthia Sass is a nationally known nutrition and health expert, based in New York City and Los Angeles. She’s one of the few registered dietitians who has consistently worked in nearly every aspect of nutrition communications – as an on staff magazine editor, writer, columnist, blogger, New York Times best selling author, speaker, spokesperson, contributor to a national news network, regular national TV guest, and practitioner.

Be sure to join us for the live “How to Slim Down Without Dieting” Twitter Chat – under the hashtag #JustHaves on July 29 at 8 pm EST! Hope to see you then!

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