Hey everyone! Are you following me – @JustineSantaniello – on Instagram yet? Great. What about Facebook or Twitter at @JNSantaniello and “SantanielloJustine” respectively? Thanks, you guys!

Wait, who said no? Why not?

Well, here’s a great reason to connect with me this month: Gratitude!

A Flood Of Positivity

One of the things I love to see on my feed is positivity. And, one of the best things about social media, Instagram in particular, is that it compels us to capture awesome moments in the moment and share them with our favorite people. The bummer is that it’s also a breeding ground for negativity…the perfect platform to complain into the ether.

Want to tip the scales in favor of happiness this month?


No doubt you’ve seen – or participated in – the #100HappyDays social media phenomenon. Well, I want to keep it going and this holiday season is the ideal excuse.

So, I’ve conjured up a fun new hashtag: #JustHaveThanks.

With the spirit of Thanksgiving in the air, I’m inviting you to #JustHaveThanks on your favorite social media portal – you can tag me or not – but do, cause I want to get a ton of notifications filled with good vibes!


Whether it’s your dog’s adorable face, the most divine sushi dinner you’ve ever laid eyes on, the discounted price tag on a coveted pair of designer booties or a breathtaking piece of nature or art, if it matters to you, tweet about it, snap a shot of it and tag it with #JustHaveThanks.

I look forward to your unique perspectives on what it means to be grateful – and can’t wait to inspire one another with our moments of bliss!

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