Make your house a home away from home for your guests. They have many needs to satisfy during their stay, whether it’s family over, friends from out of town or an unexpected drop in from your bestie. Mix these comfortable and classic styles, with magical touches to make your guests feel truly at home:

  1. Color Choice

You may be pulled to dynamic wall colors, such as red, when you’re painting. However, the color palette in the room could keep your guests up all night. According to color psychology, warm colors are dynamic, invigorating and make a room feel smaller, while cooler colors are soothing and relaxing, and they open up spaces. All colors may have warmth or coolness to them. Consider how the color makes you feel during the selection process.

Balance cool and warm colors in a room. Choose a cool color palette for the walls, if you want your guests to feel relaxed. Think ocean blues and greens. Powerful pops of warm colors may be added to the room with accent pillows and curtains to close the room in and make it feel compact and inviting.

  1. Multiple Light Sources

As night approaches, your guests will yearn for more ambient lighting to read a book or have a glass of wine to wind down. Add table top lamps and standing lamps that may be repositioned according to guest preferences.

Places lamps in areas that need light and beg for an extra touch of coziness. Is the area near the closet a little dark? Help guests find their clothes by placing a standing lamp there. A lamp on a small desk, by the bed and in a reading area are useful and add warmth to a guest room. Candles, scented and unscented, are lovely mood enhancers to make the room feel more romantic.

  1. Things to Enjoy and Admire

Give your guests things to do and admire. A room filled with the bare necessities is functional at best, no matter how fashionably you’ve decorated.

Get those mental and creative juices flowing! Include solo activities that will help engage and unwind your guest’s mind:

  • Fill shelves with books and DVDs.
  • Leave favorite magazines by the bed.
  • Include word searches, puzzles and adult coloring books.

Inject personality and comfort into the room! A few personal touches will add decorative accents to the room for your guests to admire and feel at home:

  • Leave beverage selections in the room. A small French press or coffee maker with assorted creamers, sugars and types of coffee will delight the coffee addict in your life. It’s easy to change this out for a tea lover. A bottle of wine to helps a friend unwind.
  • A set of healthy snacks are extra thoughtful.
  • Have a go-to welcome basket with assorted bath products ready to leave on the spot.
  • Incense and candles will help guests set their desired mood.
  • Extra fluffy blankets and pillows will make guests feel toasty and warm.
  • Include a easy to set alarm.
  • A few pieces of art you love will keep the aesthetic fashionable and fun.
  1. Have a Design Plan

It’s important to keep the purpose of the room in mind when designing it. How will the room be used, and if you were a guest, how would you most enjoy your stay? Remember to structure the room based on the color scheme, furniture and feel based on what it will be used for most of the time.

Stick to your budget and stay as classic as possible. Map out the space in the room. Will the room need extra thick curtains for an eastward or westward facing window? Leave free space in the room to move about. Don’t overcrowd the room with too many busy patterns and bulky furniture.

Keep the rest of the house in mind when you design your guest room. Make sure the guest room has an aesthetic that makes it feel like it’s part of the rest of your home.

Your guests will be happy and comfortable in your home with the personal touches that only you can offer. Treat your guests to design perks that you’d appreciate, and don’t leave your personality out. There’s much for all to enjoy as a guest in your home.


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