By Justine Santaniello

If you read my post on Beach Beauty Prep JustHaves, you know I’ve recently become intrigued by CoolSculpting – a unique non-surgical cooling procedure that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to look skinnier without going under the knife for a tuck or a suck? Sign me up!

So, I recently went to Dr. Amy Wechsler’s office on NYC’s tawny Upper East Side to learn more about whether I can – or even want to – give this revolutionary procedure a try.

Spoiler Alert: I totally want to!

The Best In The Biz

Let’s start with a little who’s who about Dr. Wechsler and Laura Pietrzak, PA – their office is beautiful and I felt very fancy. The staff gave me water and the wait time was minimal, something I really appreciated. Laura Pietrzak herself is young, pretty, super nice and very down to earth. I now know why she’s considered one of the country’s top PA’s specializing in aesthetic and skin care. In fact, her work with CoolSculpting has become the industry standard and she has more experience using the procedure than any other medical pro in the world. I felt very at ease.

Laura spent a lot of time with me, talking through the CoolSculpting procedure, showing me the different applicators and how it’s all done, the areas they can treat and that segued us into discussing my own body concerns. One of the things I really appreciated was that she didn’t try to upsell me – making me feel like I needed a lot of work. She actually told me I was on the younger side and had less to lose than other patients. I can’t be mad at that!


Flab Rehab

So, we zeroed in on my love handles, inner thighs and a stubborn area of fat on my tummy, all of which can be treated. I was thrilled to learn I will be able to treat all of the areas in one shot – about two 6-hour sessions at her office. I could have opted for multiple sessions, but with my schedule being what it is, one day is so much easier.

One of the coolest things about the CoolSculpting procedure– I can bring my laptop, watch movies, read a book and even take a nap while they do the procedure. They can even order me in food. Didn’t Kim Zolciak-Biermann order a pizza when she was getting a cosmetic procedure on RHOA? I think I’ll be going a healthier route.

The appointments are set! I’m super excited to see what happens and eager to see my results. I will keep you posted!

Have CoolSculpting Questions?

Feel free to send me any questions about my CoolSculpting experience or any questions you have and I’ll pass them along!

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