With everything going on in the world of toys this holiday season, shopping for the right gifts can be overwhelming – but it’s about to get a lot easier! I’ve partnered with Target to bring you everything you need to make your holiday toy shopping a success.

What I love is that they’ve re-imagined their toy experience both in store and online, adding more than a quarter-million square feet of new toy space, remodeling departments to be more interactive and creating a new toy finder option on Target.com.

The best part is that they have over 2,500 new and exclusive toys this year. Here are some of my favorites which happen to be on their Top Toys list:

  • This year is all about the Big Reveal, meaning toys that will keep kids guessing. Like the exclusive Pikmi Pops Giant Gigi the Unicorn that flips open to become a fluffy unicorn
  • We’re also seeing an increase in interactive toys, like the furReal Rock-a-Too that sings, dances, and does impressions
  • For the kids all about TV and movies– check out their wide range of licensed toys, like this Paw Patrol Ultimate Firetruck with water cannons and a two-foot ladder to help put out fires.
  • There are also more than 130 new and exclusive board games that are great for family game nights – I personally love throwback-themed games like The Brady Bunch Party Game

Be sure to check out their Kids’ Gifting Catalog, that now has a cool digital component with their mobile app. And of course, be sure to head to Target.com or your local store to find everything you need!

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