In honor of today, August 16th, being “National Rum Day,” I wanted to share 5 of my favorite ways to enjoy the beverage. And, keep reading, non-drinkers! I have a few curveball “un-boozy” options for you too!

Rum for Dessert: The Rum Baba (Boozy!) – Check out this Ina Garten recipe for this classic Italian dessert cake, featuring currants, good darn rum and cream. It’s like a donut went on an all-night bender – yum!

Rum as Décor: Hot Buttered Rum Candle (Un-Boozy!) – Love that smell of Buttered Rum at wintertime but don’t feel like getting tipsy? This Buttered Rum Candle from Henri Bendel can deliver that inviting sense memory without the fat and calories.

Rum on the Grill: Ginger Rum Marinade (Un-Boozy!) – Better Homes and Gardens has this delicious-sounding marinade on their website featuring rum, soy sauce, pineapple juice and ginger. It sounds like an ideal choice to tenderize fattier cuts of meat for grilling – and a great way to finish off a mostly-tapped bottle.  

Rum Muddled: Pineapple Mint Mojito (Boozy!) – Nothing beats a good mint mojito on a hot summer’s day…except maybe this pineapple mint version from epicurious! I’ve also seen blackberry and strawberry mint and even kiwi mojitos – so, be creative with your muddling!

Rum Two-fer: Dirty Coke Float (Boozy!) – What’s better than drinks and dessert? A Drink that IS dessert! This combo couldn’t be simpler – just assemble your go-to ice cream and soda float using a dark cola like Root Beer, Cola or Dr. Pepper and a scoop of vanilla ice cream; add a shot of your favorite rum and voila – your big kid beverage is ready to be devoured!

Do you have any favorite rum beverages or offbeat rum uses that your fellow #JustHaves readers haven’t tried? Share them on, @JustineSantaniello on Instagram and @JNSantaniello on Twitter with the #NationalRumDay tag! Cheers, everyone!

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