It’s really starting to feel like Fall! We can finally wear long sleeves and really play up the fashion options with layering and more accessories. Enter my #JustHave for Autumn: the blush blouse.

I picked this one up at Nordstrom for under $50 but you can find similar ones at just about any major department store or clothing retailer. So, why do I love this blouse so much? Because – while it might seem simple – how this one piece expands my wardrobe is actually pretty darn amazing.

First, let’s talk color. I love the blush hue because it’s a new neutral but a bit more fun than the basic white. (A tan blouse can serve the same function, FYI, if blush washes you out.)

Second, there’s the design. I love the criss-cross billowing fabric because it really helps to camoflauge my pregnant belly – and just the mid-section in general. (I will definitely be wearing this again post-baby!) Its elongating v-neck and long sleeves are also extremely flattering.

Third, I adore its versatility – yes, I’m finally getting to the “3 Ways”  I promised! Just look at how different this blouse “behaves” in the wild when paired with different items.

Look 1: Office Ready. Paired with a high-waisted skirt (tucked in) and some blush pumps gives this blouse an office appropriate look with pretty neutral tones. FYI – neutral pumps can help to visually elongate and slim legs too – another #JustHave for sure.

Look 2: Edgy/Date Night. Sometimes all it takes is a moto jacket, a pair of jeans and some stripe-y heels to release your inner rock star. As you can see from my expression, I feel pretty bada** in this combination and love how the jacket cuts a slimming line down my mid-section for even more camouflage/coverage.

Look 3: Weekend Chic. Whether it’s for a brunch or a fun evening out with the girls, I paired a slightly edgier – and easy to walk in – pair of neutral heels with jeans for this more casual weekend look.

Of course, there’s much more I could – and will – do with this blouse, including swapping out the jeans for black jeggings or even leather leggings to edge up look even more!

Do you have a #JustHave in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? Tell me how you stretch your wardrobe with that piece – or even better, SHOW me – on my social media accounts:, @JustineSantaniello on Instagram and @JNSantaniello on Twitter.

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