Spring Fashoin Trends

When the seasons change, it can be fun to get swept up with cleaning the house, emptying out the closet and throwing the windows open. What’s not as fun is changing out winter clothes for spring clothes. Not only does it mean you have laundry to do, but it also means that you have to start thinking about what you’ll wear when the weather gets warmer, which means spending money you may not have.

This spring, there are certain fashion choices that have become popular that’ll keep you looking stylish without breaking the bank. The key is to look for purchases that will have double purposes, that way you won’t have to switch out so many clothes when the season ends.

Look for Caftans

Picture a romper, but more like a dress and a lot longer. Caftans are a great, affordable summer style choice because they can be expressive or laid back in print. They’re always made of fabric that’s light and flowy, so you’ll never have to worry about wearing one and being uncomfortable at a barbecue. Hollywood has also started to pick up the caftan trend, so if you aren’t sure how to wear one, just look up your favorite celebrity and you’ll see how cute caftans can be.

Tote with Ease

Oftentimes when someone says that they bought a tote bag, the image that comes to mind is a poorly made, gigantic bag that someone puts groceries or beach umbrellas in. Not all of them are like that, though, and buying one this spring would make a great addition to your accessories. Totes come in all shapes and designs, and some are even waterproof (which will be great when you bring stuff to the pool this summer!). They can be found in any department store, so price isn’t an issue.

Maybe you like the depth of a tote bag but not the actual size. You might want to try out a bucket bag. Besides being fun to say, bucket bags are cute to carry around and don’t cost much. They’re big in the sense that they’re deep enough to fit your wallet and a couple of sunscreen bottles in, but they aren’t so big that getting in the car with one on your shoulder will be a hassle. These are also becoming popular with celebrities and models, so you won’t need to worry about making them look cool all on your own.

Slide Into Style

The easiest and most affordable accessory to add to any spring outfit is a pair of sandals. The best part about sandals is that they look super cute during the warmer months, but can also double as business casual footwear into early fall. Take some time to look around for a pair that best fits your wardrobe, and you’ll probably find that you can wear each pair with more than one outfit. Money well spent!

Max Out Your Money

Maxi dresses have been popular for a couple years running. They’re cute enough for a summer day dress, but can also be casual enough to act as a cover-up while you’re driving to the pool in your favorite bikini. Buying a maxi dress is easily one of the best things you’ll buy all summer. Some dresses even come with long sleeves, so you can wear them into the cooler months. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth from a dress like that!

Next time you’re out in town and feel the need to search your local stores to find some great clothes for when the weather warms up, don’t feel intimidated that you’ll get fashionably locked into a specific season. There are plenty of options out there that’ll carry you from spring to summer to fall without wasting a dime.

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