Now that everything is planned and the mood is set, what will you WEAR to your upcoming summer bash? Check out my 7 Summer Party Style #JustHaves that will have you turning heads at everything from the bougiest bridal shower to the most down-to-earth bbq!

  1. Red and Yellow

The two biggest colors of Summer ’17 are red and yellow – but be careful – these bold hues can make you look like a mustard-and-ketchup-topped frankfurter if you’re not careful. The easiest ways to incorporate saturated tones like these are with accessories and makeup. A yellow swipe of eye color across a bold black cat eye is especially gorgeous when paired with a more subdued overall look like a floral maxi. And, you can never go wrong with a red faux alligator clutch – especially with a bold red lip and a pair of cutoff denim shorts. Add a structured cropped “bra top” to this look and you’re cool in every way.

  1. Maxed-out Maxis

I for one am very happy that maxis continue to hold on strong – and they’ve gotten much bolder too. If you’re feeling saucy, you could try a sheer maxi over a high-waisted bikini or one piece to exude a sexy, beachy vibe. Striped maxi dresses and skirts in bright colors are also widely available and absolutely gorgeous.

  1. New Classic

If you’re going to be attending a party that’s indoors or runs into cooler evenings, layering denim over the dress is bigger than ever – but instead of the basic stonewashed jean jacket, consider a denim trench for a more dressed-up vibe or white denim to complement your sun-kissed skin!

  1. Long and Short

Why does everyone wear long pants and short sleeves? Flip it and wear a long-sleeved blouse with a pair of short shorts – and consider rocking it with the half tuck a la Kendall Jenner – with one side fully draped over the shorts and the other peeking out from underneath the bottom hem of the shorts.

  1. Culottes are Back!

But, these aren’t the ones our moms made us wear when we were kids!  What I’m loving right now is the culotte jumpsuit! Super comfy and figure flattering, you could opt for a bold pattern or a more conservative neutral. Pair with a chunky set of sandals or a favorite bootie and you’ve got a complete summer look that’s comfortable and adorable.

  1. Colored Glasses

One of the easiest ways to create a fun and flirty summer look for any outfit is with a pair of colored lens sunglasses. Rose-colored is the most obvious choice, but blue is another fun one – especially when worn with some of those denim add-ons mentioned above!

  1. Off The Shoulder

Here is another trend that never seems to fade – and I for one am grateful! These peasant-like tops can look beautiful with a skirt or a pair of cutoffs and for those among us who don’t love to show off our arms, they provide the right amount of coverage without sacrificing style! Choose a floral print to amp up the romance vibe.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match some of these trends – so excited to see how you bring them to life! Share your haute summer look with the hashtag #SummerSoireeJustHaves and I’ll be sure to like and share my faves!

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