By Justine Santaniello

This week’s #JustHaves Twitter Chat is all about finding the right balance between work and personal life! We’re talking to Janine Truitt, @CzarinaofHR on “Work-Life Balance- Attainable or Fallacy.”

Here are a few of our #JustHaves talking points:

  • What does work-life balance really mean?
  • What are the three most important aspects of your life to balance?
  • Is achieving this balance easier for men or women?
  • Can women have it all (i.e. business, home-life, leisure)?
  • If we can’t rely on our employers to provide flexibility, what can we do to take care of ourselves daily?

A little more about Janine:

Janine Truitt is the Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC, a talent management consulting firm. She is also the Founder and Chief Blogger at “The Aristocracy of HR”. Her career spans over ten years in HR. Janine is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and an important and respected voice bringing business savvy to the discipline of HR. A globally-known figure in Human Resources and Business, she contributes for TLNT.com, Performance i Create, and Hiring Boss Asia, and IRIS.xyz, where she isn’t afraid to tackle the obstacles and issues facing employers and employees alike. She has been quoted by Maternity.com , SHRM, US News Careers and has been featured by Black Enterprise and Ebony Magazine.

Be sure to join us for the live “Work-Life Balance- Attainable or Fallacy” Twitter Chat – under the hashtag #JustHaves on July 15 at 8 pm EST! Hope to see you then!

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