You know what I’m sick of? New Years flippin’ Resolutions? Who’s with me?

While there are some promises we make to ourselves that are well worth making – like, say, quitting smoking or cutting back on the trips to the drive-thru – so many of these are based on guilt instead of on enhancing the lives we’re working so hard to build.

Instead of feeling so down about all of the holiday cheer we partook in or the “bad decisions” we’ve made living up to the clock striking its final midnight on the year that was, why don’t we try a new twist on a tired tradition?

No Shame In Trying

Let’s stop shaming ourselves and start striving instead by embarking on a year to Just Have [insert overarching meaningful awesome state-of-being here].

What do I mean by that? Let’s break it down.


For me, I want to Just Have Balance. In my life lately, it’s been a lot of go-go-go with wedding planning, traveling for work, building my new brand and then stop-stop-stop when I find any downtime, completely sapped of any energy to devote to the rest of my life. It’s all a bit much and it is completely unsustainable!

Instead of being so Jeckyll & Hyde in 2015, I’d like to strike a healthy balance every day. Maybe it’ll be by committing to 30 minutes of yoga every morning and (at least) 1 date with my husband every week. Perhaps I’ll only allow myself to do a set number of out of town gigs for the year. I’m not quite sure yet, but the idea is to set boundaries that put me on a path to what I think a more balanced life could look like. And, I could be completely wrong and have to adjust my ideas as the year wears on.

Take The Win


Let’s say you WERE going to make a resolution like getting out of debt or losing weight? Instead of focusing on the micro-problem and probably failing because you hadn’t dealt with the larger issue, why not decide to Just Have Willpower in 2015? That way, it’s not going to feel like as much of a huge failure when you don’t lose 20 pounds and only lose 10 or when you only pay of $1500 in credit card debt instead of $5,000. It’s not about “only” doing something…it’s about doing anything at all…and it becomes suddenly more achievable and inspiring when it’s just a tad more non-specific. You DID have more willpower. You DID achieve what you set out to. And, you know what? You can do even better down the line.


So, what will you work to achieve in 2015? Tell me in the comments below or on social media with the tag your #AYearToJustHave!

In the meantime, Just Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!

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