7 Lifestyle Habits That Will Boost Your Mental Health

Most of the time when we think about taking care of ourselves, we focus on our bodies. There are tips on exercising and eating right in magazines and on television. But one aspect of our health that often gets neglected is our mental states. So much of our ability to perform at our best comes from how and what we think about ourselves. Our thoughts and emotions are just as vital as our weight in guiding us through our daily lives. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to break out a negative chain of thoughts and get back to enjoying life. Here are seven lifestyle habits that will help improve your


10 Super Secret Party Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Tonight at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Marley Majcher @ThePartyGoddess and Kate Jolliffe @KJolliffe about “10 Super Secret Party Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Of“.

Kate Jolliffe is the founder and party stylist behind The Everyday Hostess, an entertaining, hosting, and party styling blog. Kate loves designing tablescapes and events and showing her readers how they can host their own styled parties at home as well. Her work has been featured on WFAA (ABC news affiliate), IBB Design at Home Magazine, and Brides of North Texas. When she’s not cooking, decorating, or day dreaming about party ideas, she spends her time exploring Dallas with


The Fun Part: Decorating and Shopping

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen enough blog posts and social media shots to know that I love happy patterns, vibrant colors, and stuff that makes me seem fancy (even though I’m really not all that fancy – and neither is my budget). So, naturally, when the time came for Dan and I to move, the thing I was MOST excited about was further cultivating my personal design style by buying tons of new stuff. .

I’ve actually enlisted my fashion stylist (and one of my favorite people), Tiffany Pinero, who also happens to be an atmosphere stylist (win-win, right?!) – to help me transform our blank slate apartment into my dream


The Big Move-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Being prepared for something doesn’t mean you’re prepared for everything. I learned that one the hard way when we moved to our new apartment a few weeks back.

Instead of boring you with all the horrible details, I figured I’d share some of the (false) assumptions I made prior to the move and what I’ve learned to be true since. Hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid some of the problems we experienced!

False Assumption #1: There is a single definition for “Move-In Ready”.

Lesson Learned: Discuss in fine detail with the landlord/owner/manager what condition you expect the apartment to be in – and get the agreed upon terms in writing. We had a lot of


Out Of The Cave – 3 Tips To Tackle Apartment Hunting

3 Tips to Tackle Apartment Hunting

You know the “tiny house” movement where people separate themselves from 99% of their personal belongings/personal space? Well, the hubs and I were involuntarily trendy for the past four years. What we learned after sharing a 700 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment is that we love our stuff, we love our space and we needed more.

Living in New York City, finding new digs is comically competitive (we liked one place in Brooklyn but it was gone within 30 minutes of seeing it – crazy). Since you may not live in this hyper-reality, the following apartment-hunting tips  are universal and can


Tips for Creating a Beautiful Home

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Home

Tonight at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Daria Harvey @Daria_Harvery1 and Peggy Pardo @TheCasaCollect about “Tips for Creating a Beautiful Home“.

Daria Harvey is a professional organizer and blogger who resides in North Carolina. She has extensive experience helping you find time and peace through organizing your home.

Peggy Pardo is an interior decorator, professional organizer, and author. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience


Movin On Up

Movin on Up
Hey everyone! I have some exciting news: my hubby Dan and I are moving. As I write this, we are waist deep in boxes, waiting for the moving company to arrive and carry our lives to our next apartment. I hope they don’t break anything – well, maybe a few things of Dan’s…just kidding, honey!

Since this is one of those universal experiences everyone goes through – and, if you live in a big city like I do, possibly even annual – I thought this would make a great, fun instructional series on how to move with sanity and style.

We are so excited to add a few hundred square


Don’t Let the Winter Keep You Down — Here are 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Don't let the winter keep you down

When the leaves start to fall in autumn, we all get a little bit excited. What’s not to love about the changing colors, crunching leaves and pumpkin-spice everything? There’s also Halloween and Thanksgiving, which fade nicely into the hallmark of the winter season, Christmas holidays.

Once the excitement of Christmas dies down, though, you’re still smack-dab in the middle of the coldest season with a few more months of shivering ahead of you. It’s no surprise this realization can be a downer — in fact, some people’s internal clocks get thrown off by the change in sunlight that they have what’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD),


Finding Your Perfect Home

Finding Your Perfect Home

Wednesday at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Michelle Farber Ross and Steve Clair about “Finding Your Perfect Home“.

Michelle Ross, founder of MMD Realty, is an expert in luxury, waterfront and equestrian real estate and an authority on condominium/penthouses and has brokered several mega deals in South Florida. Ross’ real estate expertise, discretion and strict confidentiality have won her an elite following of UHNWI’s domestically and globally, giving her clients access to a truly worldwide outreach. A dedicated philanthropist, Ross is active in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Steve Clair is a real estate expert and has fostered strong relationships with numerous landlords.


How to Add More Colour to Your Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is not easy to pull off. Those who decide to go minimal can spend months – perhaps even years – building their new wardrobe, which entails a careful selection of the suitable color palette, cut and fabric.

Minimalists tend to be quite choosy when it comes to the quality of garments they incorporate into their lives. So, if you thought minimal is the same as casual, you would be terribly in the wrong. When one actually achieves this look, they go on to have a life fashionably perceived as sleek, polished, oozing confidence and determination.

However, no matter how minimalistic one’s style is, and regardless of all the black, white, camel and