Don’t Let the Winter Keep You Down — Here are 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Don't let the winter keep you down

When the leaves start to fall in autumn, we all get a little bit excited. What’s not to love about the changing colors, crunching leaves and pumpkin-spice everything? There’s also Halloween and Thanksgiving, which fade nicely into the hallmark of the winter season, Christmas holidays.

Once the excitement of Christmas dies down, though, you’re still smack-dab in the middle of the coldest season with a few more months of shivering ahead of you. It’s no surprise this realization can be a downer — in fact, some people’s internal clocks get thrown off by the change in sunlight that they have what’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD),


Finding Your Perfect Home

Finding Your Perfect Home

Wednesday at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Michelle Farber Ross and Steve Clair about “Finding Your Perfect Home“.

Michelle Ross, founder of MMD Realty, is an expert in luxury, waterfront and equestrian real estate and an authority on condominium/penthouses and has brokered several mega deals in South Florida. Ross’ real estate expertise, discretion and strict confidentiality have won her an elite following of UHNWI’s domestically and globally, giving her clients access to a truly worldwide outreach. A dedicated philanthropist, Ross is active in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Steve Clair is a real estate expert and has fostered strong relationships with numerous landlords.


How to Add More Colour to Your Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is not easy to pull off. Those who decide to go minimal can spend months – perhaps even years – building their new wardrobe, which entails a careful selection of the suitable color palette, cut and fabric.

Minimalists tend to be quite choosy when it comes to the quality of garments they incorporate into their lives. So, if you thought minimal is the same as casual, you would be terribly in the wrong. When one actually achieves this look, they go on to have a life fashionably perceived as sleek, polished, oozing confidence and determination.

However, no matter how minimalistic one’s style is, and regardless of all the black, white, camel and


Mind and Body Techniques with Dr Kathy Gruver

Mindfulness and Meditation

Wednesday at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Dr Kathy Gruver @KLGruver about “Mind and Body Techniques ”.

Kathy Gruver, PhD is a motivational health speaker and hosts the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored five award-winning books including, Conquer Your Stress and Journey of Healing.

She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post and Dr. Oz’s The Good Life and appeared as


How to Seize Your Life With Vision Boards

How to Seize Your Life With Vision Boards

Tonight at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Jasmine Brett Stringer @CarpeDiemJBS about “How to Seize Your Life With Vision Boards ”.

Jasmine Brett Stringer is the founder of the internationally recognized lifestyle brand Carpe Diem with Jasmine and author of the award-winning book, Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day.

As a nationally recognized and sought-after speaker and lifestyle expert, Jasmine has been featured on a variety of media outlets. Prior to becoming a weekly lifestyle contributor to local CBS television station WCCO-TV, Jasmine was a regular contributor for the nationally syndicated television show The Insider. She has


6 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Nature is a very sacred place. The great outdoors inspire people with the comforting colors, scents, textures and more. The next time you plan on renovating your home, let the outdoors inspire you. Here’s how to bring the outdoors, indoors into your home.

1. Earth Tone Paint Colors

When you’re outside in nature, you have a sense of comfort. Earth tones are what give you that comfortable, cozy feeling. If you’re remodeling your home, consider painting your walls earth tone colors Most earth tone colors consist of tans, greys, and other neutrals.

You could incorporate other outdoor colors such as greens, blues or even yellows. Those three colors are most connected to nature.


Time to Evict: Stress Less, Live More on #JustHaves Chat

Tonight at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Lauren Miller @LaurenEMiller7 about “Time to Evict: Stress Less, Live More ”.

Lauren E Miller is a Stress Relief/Personal Excellence Educator; Founder and Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, International Award Winning Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

Some of tonight’s talking points:

  • Why we worry so much about what others think
  • The consequences of allowing other’s opinions to dominate how we feel and live our lives
  • Exercises or methods to calm yourself when under stress
  • What you just have to have in order to stress less and LIVE MORE

Join us for the live “Time to Evict: Stress Less, Live More ”


Smart Money Saving Tips for Financial Success

Tonight at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Jennifer Streaks @JStreaks about “Smart Money Saving Tips for Financial Success ”.

Jennifer Streaks is a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance and affordable lifestyle who delivers practical and cutting edge information to help you face the challenge of getting and keeping your financial house in order.

Some of tonight’s talking points:

  • How to start saving money when you barely make ends meet
  • Rule of thumb for emergency savings
  • How to avoid credit card debt

Join us for the live “Smart Money Saving Tips for Financial Success ” Twitter Chat under the hashtag #JustHaves tonight at 8 pm EST.

Keep Your Guests Happy and Comfortable with these Decor Tips

Make your house a home away from home for your guests. They have many needs to satisfy during their stay, whether it’s family over, friends from out of town or an unexpected drop in from your bestie. Mix these comfortable and classic styles, with magical touches to make your guests feel truly at home:

  1. Color Choice

You may be pulled to dynamic wall colors, such as red, when you’re painting. However, the color palette in the room could keep your guests up all night. According to color psychology, warm colors are dynamic, invigorating and make a room feel smaller, while cooler colors are soothing and relaxing, and they open up spaces. All colors


How to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

How to Achieve Your Goals in 2047

Tuesday at 8 PM ET on #JustHaves Twitter Chat, we are chatting with Scott Schmaren @ScottSchmaren about “How to Achieve Your Goals in 2017”.

Scott Schmaren is an internationally known: Hypnotist, NeuroPerformanceologist, Speaker, Coach and Author. He has been featured on Oprah, The Howard Stern Show, Fox News, Coast to Coast Radio, The New York Times and many other media outlets.

The hypnotic techniques he has developed have transformed his life, helping lose and keep off more than 180 pounds for many years. Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you”.

He has helped: Celebrities, Professional and Olympic athletes,